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The successful accomplishments of the New Jersey Society for Clinical Social Work are achieved via our committees. Combined, our committees offer members several ways to become involved as well as provide a vehicle for facilitating new members’ involvement. We are always interested in the fresh ideas of new members!

Below are some examples of the Society's committees/projects and their recent work.

Belonging to a committee can require a small time commitment, or a more significant one, according to the member's preference and availability.

Education Committee
The Education Committee is a very important part of the Society. It is responsible for planning and running four (4) educational programs each year.  These programs offer 8 FREE CEU's to members and non-members only pay a nominal fee. 

Committee members influence educational program direction.   We value the input of new and seasoned professionals.  While we take our educational mission seriously, we have fun doing so. The committee is congenial and always welcomes new members.

The current chair of the Committee is Donna DiStefano, LCSW. For further information please email Donna at:

Ethics Committee
The Ethics Committee keeps members informed on latest ethical developments and explores ethical dilemmas presented in the society's newsletter.  Almost every issue includes an article written by the chairperson Jan Warner, LCSW.  For further information please email Jan at

Legislative/Guild Committee
The Legislative/Guild Committee serves multiple purposes.  It works closely with the Clinical Social Work Guild, which is our affiliation with the Office of Professional Employees International (OPEIU) and the AFL-CIO.   We review Bills that are introduced into the House and Senate, and provide feedback to our lobbyist in Washington, DC and/or representatives at the state level. 

Members are kept informed about important legislative matters through our Newsletter and the NJSCSW email list.  We encourage our members to contact their Senators and Congressmen about legislative matters that affect clinical social workers.

When necessary, this committee will testify on behalf of our profession at the State House in Trenton, as it has in the past to pass the loss/ratio legislation S-1993. The committee, along with Jim Wrich, has written, testified and insured that the legislation passed requires managed care companies to disclose their profits according to the state's definitions of profits and losses; not the managed care companies’ definitions.

The committee works with the Clinical Social Work Guild on both the state and national level by attending monthly meetings at the Mental Health Liaison Group  ( in Washington, DC.  We are also instrumental in helping members address problems with insurance companies. The committee welcomes new members’ interest and time. For further information, please email the committee chair, Luba Shagawat, LCSW at

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee works to attract new members and to welcome those who have recently joined. We actively communicate with members by telephone and email, and attend educational events in order to answer questions from potential members.  This is one of the most important committees as it is the lifeline to our existence.

The Chair of the Committee is Robin Bottino, LCSW.  For further information, please email Robin at  

Newsletter Committee
The newsletter is one of the ways that we maintain contact with the members as well as provide them with information relevant to their work, either clinically or legislatively. The Newsletter is published three times per year. We are always looking for members to contribute articles as well as ideas for articles.  For further information, please feel free to contact the Editor, Steven Gruntfest, LCSW at  

American Association for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work
The AAPSCSW Committee maintains a liaison to the American Association for Psychoanalysis (,  which is the “psychoanalytically oriented” arm of our profession.  The chairperson attends meetings on our behalf and keeps us abreast of developments in the psychoanalytic community.  The chairperson is Wendy Winograd, LCSW. For further information, please email Wendy at:

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