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We are currently in the process of completing the New Jersey Clinical Social Worker Referral List. This List is available to help you find New Jersey Licensed Clinical Social Workers. This directory will facilitate the referral process for individuals, professionals, and organizations. It will also assist organizations who want to identify a network of qualified practitioners.

The NJ Clinical Social Worker Referral List is compiled and published by NJSCSW as a resource for members and the public to identify clinical social workers who are qualified by education, experience, and credentials as providers of mental health services. The information presented in the Clinical Social Worker Referral List represents the information provided to NJSCSW by the credentialed social workers who request to be included in the list. NJSCSW cannot and does not examine, determine, or warrant the competence of any clinical social work registrant. Although NJSCSW reserves the right to verify all statements made in social worker applications, these listings represent the statements of the social worker registrants themselves.

Clinical Social Workers provide over 60% of all psychotherapy in the United States.

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Choosing a Clinical Social Worker

Many people are not clear about the difference between psychologists and social workers. There is not really a great deal of difference.

  • Psychiatrists are primarily trained in the use of medication for emotional disorders
  • Psychologists are primarily trained in the use of psychological testing and in research
  • The training of Clinical Social Workers is primarily in psychotherapy

Clinical Social Workers are trained differently than other mental health professionals. We are taught a comprehensive approach:

  • To look at a person in the surrounding environment
  • To see a person in the context of family, school, job, and community (and to evaluate the impact of these relationships)
  • To focus on the person’s strengths as well as see the difficulties

What is a Licensed Social Worker or a Licensed Clinical Social Worker?
A Clinical Social Worker is a mental health professional with advanced graduate training in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of emotional, mental and behavioral disorders in individuals, families and groups.

New Jersey law regulates the practice of Clinical Social Work. Licensed Social Workers (LSW) received a master's degree in social work from an accredited school and has passed the licensure examination. Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) hold a master's degree in social work, or a doctoral degree in social work from an accredited school, have passed the LCSW exam, and have completed a minimum of 3 years or 1,920 hours of supervised clinical experience after completion of the master's degree in social work.

What does a session typically cost?
Insurance often covers the services of a Clinical Social Worker. Contact your benefit plan for confirmation of coverage for mental health services and the details regarding how to use your benefit.

In addition, many Clinical Social Workers discuss fees with you to find one you can  agree upon at the beginning of your therapy experience.

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