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11 AM - 1 PM


Presenter: Mitchell Mitch, LCSW

Location: Mountainside UMC Hackensack Hospital

We live in a world where the rapidity of societal change may outstrip our adaptive capacities to meet dynamic expectations. We practioners, stressed beyond our own capacities to adapt to more complex challenges, like our patients are vulnerable to reaching thresholds of stress when hard wired survival mechanisms hijack volitional execute functioning. Instead of mindfully shaping our own destinies, we are run by primitive and automatic prescriptions for self-preservation. The intensity and frequency of perceived threats to our safety and security can mean the difference between sailing and reaching sought after destinations and never getting far from our homeports. As so little separate patients from their treatment providers, our struggles to breathe life into our own passionate visions for more satisfying landscapes may limit our capacities to hold and nurture our patient's most cherished goals. To use a self psychological term, the process of transmuting internalization alone may not be sufficient for patients and therapists alike to transcend their resistances to making priceless changes in our lives. This workshop will discuss approaches that the presenter assimilated from outliers on and off the athletic fields that assisted him to grow and harvest the seeds of his visions of transformative possiblities for himself and his patients.

1) Workshop participants will learn about the mechanisms that underpin improvements in the functional capacity of our mental muscles based on the bio physiological model for developing our physical muscles. (References will be made to the research findings of Dr. Martin Gibala, author of The One Minute Workout).

2) Workshop participants will learn about Dr. Martha Stark's theory of human growth and development that revolve around the notion that optimal stress is a catalyst for personaltiy growth and behavioral change.

3) Workshop participants will develop a more sophisticated understanding of how acceptance of ambivalence shifts the locus of control over our lives from external sources to internal resources.

4) Workshop participants will better understand how the concepts of energy conservation and mental fitness facilitate our abilities to transcend the anxieties that bind us to self-limiting specious and obsolete narratives.

Mitchell Mitch is a psychotherapist in private practice. He has a monthly written contribution to goodtherapy.org/blogson He is recently a first time authour of his memoir titled: Do I Still Need My Head Examined Or Just a New Pair of Running Shoes? Mitchell is a former 2:55 marathoner and these days a passionate advocate of High Intensity Interval Training.

Directions to Mountainside Hospital can be found at:  http://www.mountainsidehosp.com/patient-information/directions/ 

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NJSCSW Board Meeting will be held prior to the presentation. Time: 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM  All NJSCSW members are welcome.

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For LCSWs, 20 CEUs must be directly related to clinical practice. 

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